60 Metre Pipe Inspection Camera System with Transmitter / Receiver

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60 Metre Pipe Inspection Camera System with Transmitter / Receiver

Model No. Product Name Price Qty
VB-712TM 60 Metre Pipe Inspection Camera System with Transmitter / Receiver
SK-50-120 120mm diameter Skid
SK-50-180 180mm diameter Skid
SK-50-190 190mm diameter Skid
SK-50-210 210mm diameter Skid

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The AVB-712TM Portable Pipe Inspection Camera System has a 60 metre long fibreglass rod cable. The 50mmø heavy duty aluminium alloy camera head has 30 adjustable white ultra bright LED lights with a scratch proof sapphire glass camera lens. It is water and dust proof to IP-68 capable of withstanding pressures up to 1bar (under water 10m)

It is ideal for inspection applications in general floor drains & pipe work, boiler & heat exchanger tubes, steam feed lines, chimneys, ducting etc.

This model has the additional feature of a built in 512Hz transmitter camera head. The handheld locating reciever can detect the signal up to a depth of 5 metres giving the ability to precisely detect the location of the camera head. The controls are on / off and sensitivity adjustment.  It is powered by 6 AA Alkaline batteries (not included)

The cable frame is made of Stainless Steel with 2 wheels for easy transportation. It is rugged and built to withstand the rigours of pipe inspections in the harshest of working conditions.

The whole system is powered by a 12V 14W LI-ION battery. The charge time is 5 hours and has a working capacity of over 4 hours.

There are 3 camera head skids of 110mm, 150mm and 220mm to aid in centralisation of the camera head in various pipe sizes and negotiate various bends. Additional skids can be manufactured to customer dimensions. Please advise your specification for pricing. 

The display and control monitor has a 315 x 40mm high contrast & high resolution TFT colour display with up, down, left and right adjustment. There is a metre distance travelled indicator.

Incorporated is a 8GB SD card data storage system with date and time stamp. This can be used to capture still or video images with the option of voice over recording and / or text edit reporting via the keyboard. These data recordings can be saved and can be attached to reports or emails.

  • Stainless steel frame
  • 50mmØ heavy duty camera
  • 30 adjustable ultra bright LED lights
  • Over 4 hours working battery capacity
  • Centralising camera skids
  • Hi resolution TFT display
  • Distance travelled indicator
  • Image, video and audio data storage
  • 512Hz camera transmitter
  • Supplied complete with a stainless steel frame & wheels, 60 metre cable, camera head, 3 skids 110mm, 150mm & 220mm, display control monitor, keyboard, charger and battery.

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Additional Skids

Technical Specification
Video Format NTSC / PAL Power 12V 4000MAH LI-ION rechargeable battery
Resolution 1440 x 234 pixels Dimensions 770 x 371 x 820mm
Picture Rate Up to 30fps Weight 27Kg