AC Leakage Current Tester

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AC Leakage Current Tester

Model No. Product Name Price Qty
ADT-9809 AC Leakage Current Tester
AUKAS-LC UKAS Calibration Certificate
ALR-61 PP3 Alkaline Battery 9V

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This AC Leakage Current Tester has a high resolution and a large shield transformer jaw, which eliminates the influence of other current conductors and minimises the effects of external magnetic fields, allowing the operative to achieve accurate and reliable measurements in crowded electrical environments. Ideal for many applications including power system checks and installation.

  • 20mm display with function indicators
  • Large 30mmØ shield transformer jaw
  • 5 ranges available, 40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A & 100A
  • Frequency selector switch to eliminate the effects of high frequency noise and harmonics when taking AC current measurements
  • Bar graph display with a response time of 20 times per second for transient observation
  • Min / max & data hold functions
  • Overload protection for Ohm measurements at 600V
  • Manual ranging via single click action rotary switch
  • Zero function
  • Low battery indication
  • Auto power off after 30 minutes of no activity - can be user disabled Supplied with test leads, hand strap, carrying bag, manual, protective rubber boot, and battery

Technical Specification
Function Range Resolution Accuracy
      50/60Hz 40/1Khz
AC Current 40mA 10µA ±1%±0.5mA ±4.5%±0.5mA
400mA 100µA ±3%±5mA ±3%±5mA
4A 1mA ±4%±0.1A ±4%±0.1A
40A 10mA ±4%±1A ±4%±1A
80A 100mA ±2.5%±1A ±3%±1.5A
80-100A 100mA ±5%±1A ±5%±1.5A
AC Voltage 400V 0.1V ±1.5%±2dgts ±2%±4dgts
Resistance 40-400Ω 0.1Ω ±1% ±2 digits  
Continuity Test (audible alarm)   <38Ω  
Power 1 x 9V PP3 alkaline battery. (ALR-61)
Dimensions 210 x 62 x 35.6mm
Weight 200g
Calibration Options
Traceable Calibration +£60.00 (covers all ranges)
UKAS Calibration +£90.00 (covers all ranges)
Though this meter can display up to 400A, it is not calibrated beyond 100A