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A key component to our ‘One Stop Instrument Shop’ are our calibration services. ATP is part of a network of calibration laboratories that provides both traceable and UKAS calibration certificates across a wide range of test and measurement equipment. Although we predominantly calibrate hand-held instruments we have the facilities and/or contacts to offer calibration over a much wider selection of devices.

New Instruments with Calibration

Most of the products we sell are available with some level of calibration. All options will be clearly listed within the product listing. Unfortunately not all products are suitable for all levels of calibration, so only those available will be listed. The number of calibration points and their standard values will also be clearly listed.

Every new calibration automatically places your device on our recall notice list. Every year we will send you a gentle reminder and full quotation to send your device to be re-calibrated.


Most calibrations need to be done every year as part of your auditable procedures. We offer calibration on a wide range of instruments, even those not sold by ourselves.

If requiring calibration of an item not sold by ATP. We request that you contact our technical team beforehand on 01530 566804 to confirm that your device is suitable for calibration by our labs.

A collection & delivery service is available on all re-calibrated instruments. Prices start at £12.50 collection & £7.50 delivery.

Flexability & Customisation

All of our calibration certificates are supplied with a set number of calibration points and a standard set of values. However, we recognise the fact that these are not always best suited to your application. As such we offer you the option to purchase additional calibration points better suited to your needs.

Important Note: A calibration Service should not be requested on a product that is to be shipped overseas as the transportation & gravity in some countries may adversely affect the readings and invalidate the Calibration Certificate.

What can We Calibrate?

We pride ourselves on the diverse range of instruments we can calibrate. Below is a list of the various devices on which we offer calibration. This includes adaptations to devices such as data loggers.

Traceable (National Standard)

Airflow, Distance, Electrical, Humidity, Light, Moisture, Pressure, Sound, Tachometers, Temperature, Thickness, Timers, Scales.

UKAS (International Standard)

Humidity, Temperature, Tachometers, Electrical

What is Calibration and do I need it?

Unfortunately calibration is not something we can tell you if you need or if you don’t. This all comes down to the standards outlined within your own quality management systems. To explain we have put together a handy little article that explains everything!

What is Calibration?

Traceable vs UKAS (National vs International)

Our guide linked above contains is a more in-depth explanation of both types of calibration (UKAS & Traceable) and a brief indication as to which you may require. Read it now to find out more.

How long will my Calibration Take? – Time Scales & Shipping

We aim to complete in-house calibrations (traceable calibration certificates) as quickly as possible, and in the majority of cases are able to have your order shipped within 3-4 working days. If your order contains a pre-calibrated device that we have in stock, next day delivery may be available. Any item ordered with UKAS calibration will normally be shipped with 7-10 working days.

All re-calibrations can be expected to take the same amount of time once we have received your instrument in our laboratories.

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