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Traceability Documentation

If you have used our calibration services you may require a full auditable trail of calibration. This will require not only your own calibration certificate but copies of the calibration certificates used in our laboratory. All of these can be found below. The serial number of the devices used to calibrate your instrument should appear on your instruments calibration certificate. If you have trouble locating the ones you need, give our technical team a call on 01530 566804.

For all UKAS calibrations, please call our technical team.

Calibration Certificates

Calibrated Instrument
Serial Number Description 2016 2017 2018
021128 Dual level Acountic Cal - AT01 CRL511E Download N/A N/A
02375542 Vane Anemometer - Testo 417 Download Download Due: August 2018
044260 Sound Calibrator N/A Download Due: September 2018
060415881 & 205782 Thermometer & Probe Download Download Download
160423029 Light Meter N/A Download Download
264117-1 Tape Measure N/A N/A Download
208618 Thermo-Hygrometer - HT-986HI Download Download Due: October 2018
4348-3-1 Calibration Foils N/A N/A Download
58000440 PT-100 Thermometer Extech 421504 Download Download Download
61298021 Thermo-Hygrometer Rotronic Hygroclip 2 Download Download Download
61396959 Thermo-Hygrometer - Rotronic Hygroclip Download 1 Download Due: November 2018
61510373 Pressure Calibrator - DP1 615 Download Download Due: July 2018
690560 Digital Stopwatch - TM - 90 Download Download Due: August 2018
G971344 F1 Calibration Weight - F1-20Kg Download Download Due: May 2018
QC1244 Metal Slip / Thickness Gauges - AT-13 Download Download Download
TA4301646015 Anemometer - Hotwire - DT-8880 N/A Download Download
VA111201497 Thermocouple Calibrator Download Download Download
WS-7394-J-IT/1 Barometer - La Crosse Download Download Due: November 2018
Various F1 Weights Download Download Due: June 2018