Data Logging Noise Dosemeter (SONUS GA257L)

Model No. Product Name Price Qty
GA257L Data Logging Noise Dosemeter
GA601 Single Level Class 2 Sound Meter Calibrator
PC007 dBdataPRO Noise Analysis Software & Cable
KA010C2 Sound Level Meter Kit Case

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Designed for Industrial Safety Officers and Saftey Managers the GA257L is a dedicated data-logging dosemeter that is fully compliant with IEC 61252:1993. This dosemeter is designed to be worn by an employee for a full- or part-shift. All measure values can be saved to the internal flash memory of the device for subsequent output. All result can be viewed on the instruments own display or downloaded to a PC with the dBdataLITE noise analysis PC software included via USB connection. The software can be upgraded to the dBdataPRO software for more advanced analysis. Over 2100 readings can be recorded.

  • Measures Lp, Leq, Lep’d, Noise Dose%, Noise Dose Per Hour, Pa2h
  • Measures parameters simultaneously including LAeq and either LZeq or LCeq
  • User selectable Exchange Rate, Threshold and Criterion Level
  • Under range and Overload indicators
  • Dual Measurement Channels
  • A, C or Z frequency weighting selection
  • A, C or Z Peak measurements
  • ‘Slow’, ‘Fast’ and ‘Impulse’ time weighting selection
  • Save results to internal flash memory
  • Download data to a PC via a fast USB connection
  • Noise Analysis Software included with the meter
  • Small and light weight, fits into small shirt or jacket pocket and also supplied with a strong pocket clip.

  • Alpha-Numeric display for measured results
  • Back-lit LCD panel (8x1 characters)
  • Battery Life (approx. 12 hours)
  • Lockable Key pad
  • Not supplied with battery

12 Months Certified Calibration

The SONUS GA257B comes with a 12 month certified calibration certificate as standard.

Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Note: This logging dosemeter is ideal for assessment of compliance to the Noise at work Regulations 2005.

Product Manual

Technical Specification
Level Ranges
Range Display Range Linear Range Peak Range
70-140 db 69-143 db 70-140 db 80-133 db
Linear Operating Range 70db
Measurement Channels Two
Measurement Parameters Lp, Leq, APeak, Cpeak, Zpeak, Noise Dose, Noise Dose Per Hour
Applicable Standards IEC61652-1:1993
Frequency Weighting ‘A’, ’C’ & Z Combinations of A, A&C or A&Z simultaneously for Lp, Leq and Lmax
Time Weighting Slow, Fast and Impulse
Exchange Range 3dB, 4dB or 5dB
Threshold Level -5d, -10dB or OFF
Memory 2100 Data Intervals
Microphone ACO 7052 pre-polarized ½” condenser microphone, 25mV/Pa
Noise Floor <51.0dBA , <53.0dBC , <53.0dBZ
Power 12v - 18v via Multi Purpose I/O Socket
Dimensions 60mm x 35mm x135mm
Weight 220g inc battery
Calibration Options
12 Month Certified Calibration Issued as standard - Software controlled 91.0 to 120.0 dB (1kHz) in 0.1 dB steps