Analogue Fridge / Freezer Dial Thermometer

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ATH-4006 Analgoue Fridge / Freezer Dial Thermometer

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The ATH-4006 is a unique product within our range of fridge freezer thermometers. Unlike out other models it operates using a bi-metal spring, that much like more traditional liquid thermometer operates by expanding or contracting as the temperature rises or falls.

The measured value is displayed on a colour coded dial for easy reference. Temperature below 0°C are displayed with a blue background whilst those above 5°C in red. All common and recommended temperatures for fridge and freezers are clearly indicated by a transmission in colour scheme. At 5°C the background is red indicated a fridge may be too hot. The freezing temperatures are accompanied by stars. Below the recommended freezer temperature of 18°C is displayed 2 stars, or 3 stars if the temperature drops further indicating it may be too cold.

The thermometer features a hook on which that will fit around all refrigeration unit shelf bars. This is attached to the thermometer via a clip so can be easily detached without removing the hook from the unit. The design make this our most compact and space saving model that can remain constantly monitoring your units.

If you would prefer a more traditional liquid model, then why not take a look at our range of analogue thermometers.

Technical Specification
Range -30°C to 30°C
Resolution 1°C
Length 68mm Diameter
Weight 35g

Features & Benefits

  • Range -30°C to 30°C
  • Division 1°C
  • Plastic housing with bi-metal spring
  • 68mm Diameter
  • Weight 35g