Hand Arm Vibration Meter (VEXO S GA2006S)

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Hand Arm Vibration Meter (VEXO S GA2006H)

Model No. Product Name Price Qty
GA2006H Hand Arm Vibration Meter
PC009 VIBdataPRO Software
KD1212 Cable Ties (pack of 100)

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The measurement of Hand Arm Vibration has seen rapid developments The Vexo is the latest in cutting-edge developments by Castle in this field.

Quick, reliable measurements are all-essential when it comes to the assessment of Hand Arm Vibration and the Vexo H has been specifically designed to make the job as simple as possible. The small size, combined with a powerful processor and large memory will enable Safety Professionals to take Hand Arm Vibration to the next level.

With a large colour screen and the support of VibdataPro PC software, the Vexo H requires virtually no set-up so power it on, press record and that’s it! Just about everything from here is available to view directly on the screen without the need for scrolling and data can be reviewed directly to the screen.

All measured values can be saved to the internal flash memory of the Vexo H for subsequent output. The results can be viewed on the instrument’s own display or downloaded to Castle’s VibdataPro PC software via a high speed USB connection. Software Vibdata LITE is included with each instrument!

Technical Specification
Level Ranges (Integration = Acceleration)
Low 0.05 - 200.0m/s-2 / 0.005 - 20.4g
High 0.50 - 2000.0m/s-2 / 0.05 - 204.0g
Linear operating range 72dB
Applicable Standards ISO 8041 : 2005 Human Response to Vibration
For compliance with: ISO 5349 : 2001 Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration
Measurement Parameters
- Acceleration Arms, Aeq, Amax, Peak, Vector Sum, HSE Exposure Points, EAV and ELV
Memory 1975 readings
Frequency Weighting WH - Hand Arm Filter
Noise Floor <0.002 m/s² Low Range, <0.020 m/s² High Range
Electromagnetic Compatibility Designed in accordance with the following Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives:
SI 2005/281
Batteries NiMH re-chargeable cell pack Typically 10 hours continuous use