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KERN ABS: Analytical Balances

The KERN ABS series of analytical balances are built inside a metal housing making them a robust and sturdy laboratory balance. They are equipped with an array of user programmable functions and allow users to follow GLP (good laboratory practice). They have 7 different measurement units, changeable at the touch of a button. Each unit provides ultra high resolutions and accuracies ideal for weighing small amounts of chemicals and powders etc. Each unit comes equipped with a draft shield featuring 2 side doors and a top door to protect from air currents.

The 20mm display features a bargraph showing what percentage of maximum capacity is still available to protect the delicate and sensitive internal balance from overload. Each unit can be calibrated by the user with reccomended calibration weights. Our technical team can advice on a suitable weight should you wish top purchase one.

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Features & Benefits

  • User selectable weighing units including mg, g, ct, gn, dwt & ozt, oz
  • Robust and sturdy metal housing with adjustable feet, level bubble
  • A hook can be used for under scale weighing
  • 20mm LCD display with 13mm digits and function indicators
  • Bargraph indicator to show how much of the weighing range is still available
  • Tare function can be repeated throughout the weighing process e.g. adding several components for a mixture
  • Auto zero function – user activated
  • Stability indicator
  • Animal weighing program which filters out vibrations
  • Percentage determination will display deviation from reference weight in % instead of grams
  • Upper & lower tolerance limits can be programmed for dosing/sorting
  • Density set for liquids available
  • User calibration with certified weights
  • Parts counting facility with 10, 20, 50 or 100 sample pieces
  • RS-232 interface for data transfer to a printer, PC or laptop (A770-926 & ASCD-04)
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) record keeping of weighing data with balance identity number - only with statistics printer (AYKS-01)
  • Supplied with glass draught shield, hook and AC/DC mains power adaptor
  • 3 year warranty

Technical Specification
  AABS-80 AABS-120 AABS-220
Capacity 82g 120g 220g
Resolution 0.0003g 0.0003g 0.0003g
Accuracy ±0.0003g ±0.0003g ±0.0003g
Platform Size 91mmØ 91mmØ 91mmØ
Power AC/DC Mains power adaptor (Supplied)
Weight 6Kg
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