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KERN DED: Platform Scales

The KERN DED Series of platform scales are in a class of their own. These multi-function scales allow flexible positioning of the display head in 4 locations. It can be used freestanding, front mounted, wall mounted or mounted on a 450mm elevation stand. Coupled with the flexibility of being either battery or mains powered by an AC/DC mains power adaptor, they are be configured for almost any environment.

Listed below are the single range models within the range. Also available are a wide selection of dual range models whose accuracy and resolution is changeable dependant on the weight being measured.

The range is full of features including the specialised parts-counting mode transforming the scale into a counting scale at the touch of a button. Tare, memory, plus/minus weighing are all included as standard. The units also features an RS-232 connection which enables easy connection to PC or laptop or connection of a printer. If you're after an adaptable weighing scale that can be used in almost any environment you can't go wrong with a DED scale.

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Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for a wide range of weighing applications including parcels, parts counting and mixing
  • IP-65 impact-resistant ABS display head – protected against dust and water splashing
  • 25mm LCD display with Backlight, large digits and function indicators
  • Tare function can be repeated continuously e.g. when mixing several components
  • Backlight mode can be set on, off or auto-off
  • Pre-tare memory for known container weight
  • Plus or minus weighing, ideal for quality control
  • Percentage determination displays deviation from the reference weight in % instead of grams
  • Parts vounting from 5,10, 25 or 50 sample pieces
  • Memory accumulation of gross total weighing is ideal for batch counting or the individual and total weights of different components of a mixture
  • RS-232 interface for data transfer to printer, PC or laptop (A572-926 & ASCD-04)
  • Auto power off after 5 minutes of no activity (battery powered only)
  • Supplied with 1.5 metre display head to platform connection cable, display head dust cover and AC/DC mains power adaptor

Technical Specification
  ADED-6K05 ADED-12K1 ADED-24K2
Capacity 6Kg 12Kg 24Kg
Resolution 0.5g 1g 2g
Accuracy ±1.5g ±3g ±6g
Platform Size 318 x 308mm 318 x 308mm 318 x 308mm
Power 1x 9V PP3 alkaline battery (ALR-61) or AC/DC mains power adaptor
Weight 4Kg
  ADED-60K5 ADED-120K10
Capacity 60Kg 120Kg
Resolution 5g 10g
Accuracy ±15g ±30g
Platform Size 318 x 308mm 318 x 308mm
Power 1x 9V PP3 alkaline battery (ALR-61) or AC/DC mains power adaptor
Weight 4Kg
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