MY-64 Manual Ranging Digital Temp-Multimeter

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ADM-64 Manual Ranging Digital Temp-Multimeter
ACAL-DM Multimeter Calibration Service + Certificate
AUKAS-DM UKAS Multimeter Calibration Service + Certificate
ALR-61 PP3 Alkaline Battery 9V

This rugged 3½ digit Multimeter has a dual slope A-D converter uses C-MOS technology for auto-zeroing, polarity selection and over-range indication. It is ideal for use by electricians, electronic engineers, general industry & laboratories.

  • Impact resistant ABS plastic case with a protective rubber holster
  • 40mm LCD display with large digits and function indicators
  • Manual ranging via 30-position positive click action rotary switch
  • Auto polarity indication on DC ranges
  • Fast blow fuse for overload protection
  • Auto power off
  • 220 Vrms overload protection with fast blow fuse (10A range is unfused)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Supplied with rubber holster, 2 test leads, K type thermocouple wire & battery

Technical Specification
  Voltage AC Voltage DC
Range 2V, 20V, 200V, 750V 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 1000V
Resolution 1mV, 10mV, 100mV, 1V 100µV, 1mV, 10mV, 100mV, 1V
Accuracy ±1% ±3 digits ±0.5% ±3 digits
  Current DC & AC
Range DC 2µA, 20µA, 200µA, 20A. AC 20µA, 200µA, 20A
Resolution 10nA, 100nA, 1µA, 10µA, 100µA, 1mA, 10mA
Accuracy ±0.8% +2 digits DC ±1% +3digits AC
  Resistance (Ohms)
Range 200Ω, 2KΩ, 20KΩ, 200KΩ, 2M, 20MΩ, 200MΩ
Resolution DC 1µA, 10nA, 100nA, 100mA. AC 10nA, 100nA, 100mA
Accuracy ±0.8% ± 2 digits
Range 2nF, 20nF, 200nF, 2µF, 20µF
Resolution 0.001nF, 0.01nF, 0.1nF, 1nF, 10nF
Accuracy ±2.5% +5 digits
Range 20 KHz x 10 KHz, ±2% +5 digits
Diode Test Max open circuit 2.8V
Continuity Audible beeper if resistance is less than 100Ω
Range -50°C to 1000°C
Resolution 1°C
Accuracy ±5% of reading ±4ºC (-40ºC - 0ºC)
±0.8% of reading ±4ºC (0º - 400ºC)
±1.5% of reading ±15ºC (400ºC - 1000ºC)
Calibration Options
Traceable Calibration +£50.00 (covers all ranges)
UKAS Calibration +£65.00 (covers all ranges)