Anemometers (Airflow Meters)

Anemometers (Airflow Meters)

Our range of anemometers offer an effective way of measuring air velocity, volume and temperature. They are most commonly used for testing the efficiency of ventilation systems, heating and air-conditioning system but find regular use in controlled laboratory testing in applications such as wind tunnels. They are also used for measuring outdoor wind conditions, parts of the manufacturing process, air intake and more. Most of our models are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. We stock both vane type and specialist hot-wire anemometers ideal for low velocity airflow measurement.

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More on Anemometers...

Airflow is calculated on our standard vane meters by the rotation of the blade. This is counted by a rev counter and converted to windspeed by an electronic chip. Various volume and velocity calculations can then be performed. Hot wire models work slightly differently;  temperature changes in a thin thungsten wire within the device causes changes in electrical current. This change can be converted to yield airflow measurements.

Who Uses Anemometers?

Anemometers are used extensively by weather experts and meteorologists with the main function being to accurately measure wind velocity. They are also used day to day by ventilation engineers, air conditioning engineers and a variety other HVAC applications. Some manufacturing process also rely on consistant airflow. They are also crucial in research and development.

Anemometer Calibrarion

All of our airflow meters can be ordered with traceable calibration certificates. Our traceable calibration certificates are traceable to national standards and available on both the airflow and temperature sensors within the device. They provide the perfect level of tracability for your auditable requirements allow you to have confidence in any readings produced ensuring your conformity.

If the information you are looking for isn’t on this page then call 01530 566800 and we will assist you further. You can also send your questions directly to us by clicking here and completing the form.

Picking an Anemometer - A Pictogram Guide

The pictograms below can be used on the left hand side to filter the product selection to only the models including that feature. They are also displayed within each product listing for a quick reference guide to the functions and features available.

  • The insturment can be calibrated to traceable national standards.
  • The instrument can measure in Degrees Celsius
  • The instrument can measure in Degrees Farenheit
  • The instrument can measure Relative Humidity
  • The instrument can calculate Dew Point
  • The instrument can measure in Miles Per Hour
  • The instrument can measure in Knots
  • The instrument can measure in Meters Per Second
  • The instrument can measure in Feet per Minute
  • The instrument can measure in Kilometers per Hour
  • The instrument can measure in Cubic Meters per Second
  • The instrument can measure in Cubic Meters per Meter
  • The instrument can measure in Cubic Feet per Minute
  • The instrument will display an average reading taken from multiple measurements.
  • The instrument is equipped with a backlit display
  • The measurement taken by the instrument can be frozen on screen for easy reading.
  • The instrument can record measurements over time for review at a later date.
  • The instrument uses Hot Wire Technology
  • The instrument has a protection rating of IP-67
  • The instrument can store the minimum and maximum readings recorded.
  • The unit contains a USB connection for power or connection to computer devices.
  • The unit will automatically turn off after a set period of time.
  • The instrument features a low battery indicator.
  • The instrument is powered by batteries.
  • The insturment can be powered via AC/DC mains power
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