Weighing Scales (Commercial & Industrial)

Our selection of commercial and industrial weighing scales is hand-picked to ensure a healthy mix of quality and value for money. Our range caters for various capacities starting from 1mg all the way up to 500Kg and includes bench, platform, hanging, crane and counting scales. If you’re looking for a bespoke solution, please don't hesitate to give us a call and our technical team would be happy to guide you to ensure you select the best scale for your application.

Calibrated Scales

Nearly all of our scales are available with a purchasable calibration certificate that is tailored to suit your needs. Perfect for traceable audit-able procedures, this certificate proves that your scale conforms to its claimed specification. We also provide a free re-call service to ensure you get your scale calibrated each year at the correct time! As an alternative, a selection of calibration weights that accompany our user-calibrated models is available, making regular calibration that little bit easier.

Industrial Scales

If you are looking for a scale suited for industrial environments such as warehouses, factories or production lines then we recommend you start your search with our platform scale section. These scales are generally suited to harsher environment as they are generally designed with a large weighing platform/pan made from stainless steel that is impact resistant and very robust. This scales are so well suited to these types of environments due to features such as relocatable head units that enable the scale to be positioned in various locations including the floor and the head control unit to be placed on a bench at usable height. Some models even have a tower unit accessory to make this set-up even more convenient. Many of the head units offer IP ratings for protection against the elements (these are explained in greater detail below). Capacities are available from 6Kg right up to 300Kg catering from the lightest to heaviest application. A large variety of the models offer parts or piece counting to make counting inventory or small production parts quick and easy.

Commercial Scales

If you are looking for a more commercially friendly scale, then we suggest you start your search over at our bench scales. These scales are generally better suited to retail like environments and are typically focused around smaller weighing capacities but offer a better selection of resolutions and accuracies. The pan size is also generally smaller in size. These scales are better suited to regular and consistent use and offer features such as high speed weighing, easy portability, and a variety of weighing modes. Our customers use these scales on the high street, market stalls and they regularly find their way into food manufacturing or processing as they cross over in to more industrial type applications.

Weighing Scale Protection - IP Ratings

Water and dust ingress can cause serious damage to the electronic components inside your device. If you're purchasing a quality scale then you should give some thought to its level protection. Portable scales or set-ups in industrial environments are particularly susceptible to damage. To protect against this, various models within our range come equipped with an 'IP rating'. IP ratings classify the degree of protection provided by a scale against the elements. Pre-fixed by the letters IP, the IP rating contains two numbers. The first is the level of dust protection and the second is the level of water protection. The higher the numbers are, the better the level of protection. We endeavour to provide detailed information about the protection level available in each products description. However, if we haven't got round to any product that has your interest, please give us a call on 01530 566800 and we would be happy give you the information personally!

The Different Types of Commercial & Industrial Scales and their uses

  • Bench Scales - Your 'standard' variation of weighing scale. Models available weighing from 0.1g to 65Kg in a selection of sizes and capacities to suit your working environment. Variations include battery and/or mains powered models for when portability is required. Economy and high-end models are available with a variety of functions and features. Ideal for general usage or specialised applications such as food weighing.
  • Platform Scales - Contain a larger weighing platform which lends itself to larger more bulky items. Being able to weigh from 0.5g to 300Kg they often find use weighing parcels and packaging for shipping and general transportation. Additional product upgrades are common to allow for adaptation to working environments.
  • Counting Scales - Available as both bench and platform scales, we have a large variety of counting scales that are suited to counting thousands of items in seconds. From paper to screws, if you can count them we can weigh them. Look out for the minimum parts weight to see exactly how small the items you can weigh can go!
  • Hanging / Crane Scales - Weighing up to a colossal 500Kg our hanging scales most commonly find use weighing bags of food stuffs within the food industry but our customers use them for everything from weighing engines to bags of raw materials in all sorts of industries. Optional upgrades include remote controls and rear displays.
  • Printing Scales - Our printing scales are in essence anything with an RS-232 port and supporting software. Able to print out detailed reports or basic statistics they general find use on more precise scales such a laboratory scales but we regular sell them to food retailers.
  • Waterproof Scales - A select range of our scales come with an IP-rating. This makes them ideal in wet environments; they are a regular catch for our fishermen friends!
  • Pocket Scales - This small selection of items are your go-to range if you’re looking to weigh small amount on the move. Most popular with jewellers, these scales can be conveniently wrapped up and comfortably put in your pocket for when you’re on the move.
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