Bench Scales

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This type of scale is generalised by being small and compact enough to sit neatly on any standard sized bench or table-top and light enough to easily carry or relocate. Most models are equipped with an AC/DC power cable for static use, however, many models in the range can be equipped with batteries of some variety to provide a portable scale that can be relocated without a worry about power supply or even travelled with.

Scales in this category are available in low capacities with super high resolutions (up to 0.01g) for accurate small scale weighing or high capacities up to 65Kg in a variety of resolutions so even the heaviest items can be weighed with guaranteed accuracy. If you need greater precision, take a look at our laboratory scales. But beyond simple capacity and resolution, our scales are packed full of features such as; plus/minus weighing, percentage weighing, tare, zero, alarms & parts counting that transform our range from simple scales to units that are well equipped and suitable for commercial and industrial environments.

Bench Scale Specifications

Our value products are generally supplied with ABS plastic weighing pans and a selecting of the most common weighing features such as tare, zero, and backlights and plus/minus weighing. Our more prestige models feature stainless steel weighing platforms and feature more complex function such as parts counting and percentage determinations.

The specification of each device can vary distinctly from another with models weighing from 0.1g to 65Kg. Our recommendation is to begin search by capacity followed by resolution via the filter options on the top left od the page to narrow down your suitable product options. Each model will provide a full list of features, functions and accessories available. But, if we haven’t updated or provided enough information on an item that has your interest, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give our technical team a call on 01530 566804.

Bench Scale Calibration

Our entire range of digital bench scales can be purchased with a traceable calibration certificate that certifies that the scale performs within its stated accuracy and is ideal for auditable procedures. Calibration can be purchased with your selected scale on the relevant product page. We are currently working on providing you with more in-depth information regarding all our calibration procedures on our website but until then please give our technical team a call on 01530 566804 to discuss all calibration enquiries.

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