Counting Scales

Replace the need for counting small, fiddly items by hand with a digital counting scale. The premise is very simple, by supplying a small sample size of an item; the scale will automatically calculate the individual weight of a single item and then count the exact number of identical items place on the scale. From laboratory, industrial, warehouse, or retail use, a parts counting scale makes selecting multiple identical items quick and easy. Counting nails, sweets, tablets or mechanical parts there is a unit suitable for any application or sample size. Counting functions are available on bench scales, platform scales and laboratory scales.

Digital Counting Scale Specifications

There are 2 main units of interest when buying a counting scale. The first is the minimum parts counting weight. This is the smallest weight the item can be to be accurately measured. It is often abbreviated to Min PCS Wt. This can range from 1mg upwards. The second is obviously the capacity. Higher capacities attract a higher Min PCS Wt so ensure you find a suitable balance between the two.

Advanced Weight Counting Features

Due to the variety of models that features a parts counting function, it pays to know exactly what you can and cannot expect from a scale. Many models include parts counting as an additional function whilst others are built with parts counting as a main role and come with a selection of supporting features.

For example, some models feature a freely selectable sample size allowing you to place only 1 or 2 pieces on the scale to begin counting larger quantities whilst others have to be supplied with a 5 or 10 piece sample size. More advanced models also constantly recalculate the sample weight as more are added to make the individual piece weight more and more precise and weighing continues. Some models also feature a programmable memory function that allows you store the individual weight of a sample to remove the need to constantly provide new samples.

Even more specialised features exist that allow paper to be weighed with programmable paper weight or thread to be weight with programmable thread weight.

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