Mini / Pocket Scales

Small but mighty, our range of pocket scales are the perfect answer to portable weight measurement. Our mini scales are designed to fit comfortably inside a standard sized pocket for weighing on the go. As would be expected with such small devices, their maximum capacity is generally somewhat limited but this is made up for with high resolutions that allow amazingly accurate readings. Due to the smaller maximum capacities involved (up to 500g), typical usage is normally for those buying and selling jewellery or weighing small quantities of herbs, spices and powders. Resolutions are available from as little as 0.001g.

Our mini weighing scales are not limited to traditional bench scales alone. We also have small hanging scales that can weight up to 5Kg. These are perfect for weighing sacks and other containers. All our models are electronic and are powered via batteries.

All our pocket scales can be purchased with a calibration certificate to verify their performance to the stated accuracy.

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