Waterproof Scales

Waterproof or wash-down scales are a variety of scale that is used to weigh wet materials or foods such as fish or items that leave behind residue that require the whole scale to be washed down regularly. Due to this consistent water exposure, waterproof scales are built to conform to specialised IP ratings. This is an international rating that identifies the level of water and dust ingress a scale can withstand. This ranges from drips of water to pressured jets. As a general rule, the higher the IP rating the better protection is provided.

IP Rating – Waterproof and Dust Resistant Scales

IP ratings are a fairly simple concept. The rating consists of 2 numbers pre-fixed by the letters IP (e.g IP-64). The first letter signifies the level of solid particle protection provided. To be protected against dust you should look for a level 5 or 6 rating.

The second number signifies the level of water protection. For a scale to be suitable for washing down with a jet of water you should look for a level 5 rating or higher. A level as low as 2 could be suitable if you wash-down doesn't involve large amounts of water or water jets but some caution must be taken. We always advise you take a look at our full Guide to IP-Ratings to get a clear understanding of what you can expect from each scale before purchase.

Wipe / Wash-Down Scales

As well as our selection of IP protected scales, we also have a wide range of bench or platform scales that feature membrane keypads. Whilst not providing a guaranteed protection rating, these are easy to wipe down and clean making a very simple and often cheaper alternative if a fully protected unit is not required.

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