Chemical Analysis

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  • IP-57 Rated

    Waterproof pH Meter

    • Range: 0 to 14pH
    • Resolution: 0.01pH
    • Accuracy: ±0.01pH
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At ATP we have a range of instruments and products aimed at chemical analysis. These include pH, conductivity and TDS meters as well as pH buffer solutions. The chemical analysis range can be viewed above.

pH meters measure the pH level in liquids and in some cases semi-solids. An accurate pH meter is a fundamental part of any chemical analysis kit.

Conductivity meters deliver results on conductivity values, usually of liquids.

TDS meters provide data on total dissolved solids in a solution. They are often used in conjunction with conductivity meters as certain solids, when dissolved in a solution, effect the conductivity of the solution.

Please review the options available and contact our technical team on: 01530 566804 or email: if you require any help deciding which product is best. If you have decided on which chemical analysis product you want to buy then the ATP sales team can be contacted on: 01530 566800 or by email on

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