Sound Level Meters

Sound Level Meters

Sound level meters respond to fluctuations in air pressure caused by sound waves and are sometime referred to as Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meters. ATP Stocks a selection of sound level indicators, high-performance meters that conform to IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1 and Class 2, and Dosemeters. Whether you need a simple indicator or a high-spec meter we aim to source the most cost-effective solutions available on the market. Learn more

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Sound Level Meter Terminology

Time Weightings
A standardised delay in recording changes to sound level
Slow A slower response time to changes in sound. - 1 second
Fast A fast response time to changes in sound - 125ms
Impulse A quick response time designed to measure bursts of sound
Frequency Weightings
A change to the emphasis to certain frequencies to reflect different perceptions of sound.
'A' Weighting Standard weighting of audible frequencies designed to reflect the response of the human ear.
'C' Weighting Standard weighting used for Peak sound pressure measurements
'Z' Weighting A flat frequency response of 8Hz to 20kHz ±1.5dB

Note: Time weightings and Frequency weightings are often indicated as part of the measurement parameter. Leq would be respresented as LAeq or LCeq with the A or C representing the Frequency weighting. LCFmax represents the maximum sound level at the C Frequency weighting and Fast Time weighting, LASMax would respresent maximum sound level at the A Frequency weighting and Slow Time Weighting. 

Sound Level Measurement Parameters

db(A) or dBA Decibels 'A' Weighted
db(C) or dBC Decibels 'C' Weighted
db(Z) or dBZ Decibels 'Z' Weighted
Lp Sound Presure Level
Leq Equivalent Continuous Sound Level
Lmax Maximum Sound Level
Lmin Minimum Sound Level
Peak Highest peak of the pressure wave with no time constant applied - Not to be confused with Lmax
LEp'd Daily Personal noise Exposure
LEp'w Weekly personal noise exposure'
LE Leq normalised to 1 second
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