ATP are thermometer specialists offering a range of professional analogue and digital models. We pack our products full of specialised features making them ideal for every environment. Our range is hand-picked with user interaction, accuracy and efficiency considered at every stage. We have instruments suitable for use in a variety of applications such as catering and laboratories. We also cater for production environments such as factories/manufacturing and engineering. Much of the range is also suitable for simple home or office use. With 30 years of knowledge and experience you get much more than just an instrument when ordering through ATP. Our dedicated staff are on hand to ensure you select the right device for your application and gain the essential know-how to use it.

Picking your Thermometer - A Pictogram Guide

We try to make selecting your thermometer as easy as possible. To do this we have assigned a selection of pictograms to each and every model that can be used a quick reference guide to show the features, functions and temperature measurement units that each thermometer has. Each product category will contain filterable options on the left hand side that you can use to find the most suitable instrument for your application. Below is a guide to what each pictogram represents.

  • The insturment can be calibrated to traceable national standards.
  • The instrument can be calibration to UKAS international standards
  • The instrument can measure in Degrees Celsius
  • The instrument can measure in Degrees Kelvin
  • The instrument can measure is Degrees Farenheit
  • The instrument contains a programmable alarm that sounds when the temperature is met.
  • The instrument will display an average reading taken from multiple measurements.
  • The instrument uses a class 2 laser to display the targeted measurement area.
  • The measurement taken by the instrument can be frozen on screen for easy reading.
  • The instrument can record measurements over time for review at a later date.
  • The instrument conforms to HACCP regulations.
  • The thermometer uses infrared sensors to perform measurements.
  • The instrument can freeze the maximum temperature record on the display.
  • The instrument can stroe the minimum and maximum temperature readings recorded.
  • The unit is water resistant to an IP-rating. The IP rating will also be listed.
  • The unit is protected to the IP rating specified. Read about IP-ratings
  • The unit contains a USB connection for power or connection to computer devices.
  • The unit will automatically turn off after a set period of time.
  • The instrument features a low battery indicator.
  • The instrument is powered by batteries.

We endeavour to keep this list of pictograms up to date and relevant as new features and functions are released. If you find a pictogram we have missed out, please feel free to get in touch and let us know!

Digital Thermometer Accuracy Guaranteed with Calibration

A common concern expressed by customers is the accuracy and reliability of temperature readings. It is often believed that digital thermometers are not as accurate as the more traditional analogue style. Ironically, when purchasing through a specialist such as ATP, this could not be further from the truth. A guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5°C – ±1°C is common on most of our range. Additionally, we quality assure every product that passes through our labs. This ensures that even our low cost thermometers provide a high standard of reading.

What to go a step further? All our digital thermometers are available with a full calibration certificate as part of our Instrument Calibration Services. This guarantees high-accuracy and reliable readings. What’s more, the majority of our range comes supplied with batteries. Many models also utilise a display containing a low battery indicator. This directly addresses the typical areas of uncertainty eliminating all accuracy concerns. This guarantees your instruments perform to the high level you expect.

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