IP67/NEMA4X Temperature Data Logger

Model No. Product Name Price Qty
AEL-USB-1PRO Rugged Temperature Data Logger
AEL-DataPad DataPad for AEL-USB Loggers
ACAL-LG Data Logger Calibration Service + Certificate
AUKAS-LG UKAS Data Logger Calibration Service + Certificate
ASB-AA03 ⅔ Hi-Temp AA Lithium Battery 3.6V


The AEL-USB1PRO data logger can measure and store up to 32,510 temperature readings. Simply download the stored data directly to your PC or laptop’s USB port. With a 316 stainless steel outer shell this data logger is corrosion resistant, impact resistant and waterproof. The 3.6v battery provides power for up to 3 years giving this data logger a truly long life.

The AEL-DataPad allows users of AEL-USB data loggers to configure loggers, download data, and view logging results on-the-spot, rather than removing the logger from the environment being measured and taking it to a PC. Click here to view the DataPad.

  • -40°C to 125°C x 0.1°
  • Waterproof 316 stainless steel case
  • Environmental protection to IP67 / NEMA4X
  • USB interface for set-up and data download
  • Set up allows the user to select logging rate, start time, alarm limits and logging mode
  • User selectable logging intervals – min 1 sec, max 12 hours
  • Data logging up to 32,510 readings
  • Non standard lithium battery rated for high temperature exposure IMPORTANT: Using standard batteries could result in fire or explosion at higher temperatures
  • In the event of battery failure the logged information is held until new batteries are inserted
  • Analysis software with graphical display of data – total readings, zoom facility to individual readings and visual indication of alarm levels
  • Supplied with software and replaceable high capacity lithium battery

Technical Specification
Range -40 to 125°C Power 3.6v 2/3 hi-temp AA lithium battery (ASB-AA03)
Resolution 0.1°C Battery Life Minimum 1 year at 10 sec logging rate / Up to 3 years
Accuracy ±0.4°C (0 to 40°C) ±1°C others Dimensions 20 x 110 mm
Logging Rate From 1sec up to 12hr (user selectable) Weight 125g
Max Readings 32,510 data sets  
Calibration Options
Traceable Calibration +£40.00 (issued at 4 points) -10°C, 5°C, 20°C & 40°C
Additional Points +£5.00 from -15°C to 80°C
UKAS Calibration +£82.00 (issued at 4 points) 5°C, 15°C, 25°C & 40°C
Additional Points +£10.00 from 5°C to 50°C

Product options

Data Logger Calibration Service + Certificate
UKAS Data Logger Calibration Service + Certificate