Single Axis Machinery Vibration Meter (VEXO S GA2006S)

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Single Axis Machinery Vibration Meter (VEXO S GA2006S)

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GA2006S Single Axis Machinery Vibration Meter (VEXO S GA2006S)
PC009 VIBdataPRO Software

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The Vexo S is dedicated to monitoring vibration from industrial sources such as rotating machinery, bearing housings and any other source of mechanical vibration. With dedicated alarm modes for machinery rating and bearing condition, the Vexo S is perfectly suited to busy maintenance teams who need the right answers right now!

The supplied re-chargeable battery pack and charger means you also won't ever be fumbling around for fresh batteries when you are supposed to be on the shop floor making measurements!

With a large colour screen and the support of VibataPro PC software, the Vexo S requires virtually no set-up so power it on, press record and your good to go!

All measured values can be saved to the internal flash memory of the Vexo S for subsequent output. The results can be viewed on the instruments own display or downloaded to the instrument software via high speed USB connection. The Vibdata LITE is included with each instrument

Technical Specification
Level Ranges (Integration = Acceleration)
Low 0.005 - 20.0m/s² 0.00051 - 2.04g
High 0.05 - 200m/s² 0.0051 - 20.4g
Level Ranges (Integration = Velocity)
Low 0.06 - 250mm/s
High 0.6 - 2500mm/s
Level Ranges (Integration = Displacement)
Low 4.0 - 16500μm
High 40.0 - 165000μm
Linear operating range 72dB Acceleration, 60dB Velocity, Displacement
Applicable Standards BS ISO 10816-1: 1995 : A1: 2009
BS ISO 10816-3 : 2009
BS ISO 10812-7 : 2009
Measurement Parameters
- Acceleration Aeq, Amax, Peak, Creat Factor
- Velocity Veq, Vmax, Peak, Crest Factor
- Displacement Deq, Dmax, Peak to Peak, Crest Facotr
Memory 992 readings
Frequency Range WFL - 2Hz to 8kKz, WLP - 2Hz to 1kHz, WHP - 1kHz to 8kHz
Noise Floor <0.002 m/s² Low Range, <0.020 m/s² High Range
Electromagnetic Compatibility Designed in accordance with the following Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives:
SI 2005/281
Batteries NiMH re-chargeable cell pack Typically 10 hours continuous use