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Splash Proof Pen Type Thermometer

Model No. Product Name Price Qty
AST-17 Splash-Proof Pen Type Thermometer (ST-17)
ACAL-ST Thermometer Traceable Calibration Certificate
AUKAS-ST Thermometer UKAS Calibration Certificate
APL-13 1.5V Button Cell Battery

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Offering low cost, rapid response, high accuracy and ease of use with a robust design. This splash-proof thermometer is ideal for liquid and semi-solid sampling. The probe protection sheath has a vent hole in the end so that the instrument can be used as a stirrer and still display the sample temperature.

  • Measures in °C
  • Data hold function retains the displayed value
  • Auto power off after 1 hour of no activity
  • The thermistor sensor is located in the bottom 10mm of the probe
  • Push-button membrane keypad
  • 10mm LCD display with function indicators
  • Protective sheath can be connected to the unit and used as a handle extension

Product Manual

The product manual will be here soon

Technical Specification
Range -50° to 150°C Power 1 x button cell battery (APL-13)
Resolution 0.1°C (-19.9° to 149.9) 1°C (others) Dimensions 210 x 23 x 18mm (unit) 125 x 4mmØ (probe)
Accuracy ±1°C (-30° to +150°C), ±2° (others) Weight 37g
Sampling Every second    
Calibration Options
Traceable Calibration +£37.50 (issued at 4 points) 25°C, 50°C, 75°C & 100°C
Additional Points +£5.00 from -20°C to 140°C
UKAS Calibration +£64.00 (issued at 4 points) 25°C, 50°C, 75°C & 100°C
Additional Points +£10.00 from -20°C to 150°C

Product options

Thermometer Traceable Calibration Certificate
Thermometer UKAS Calibration Certificate