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ATP is a mail order specialist of test and measurement equipment. Our expansive range of instruments is carefully selected to offer a simple solution to a wide range of workplace challenges. Whether you work in health & safety or within quality managed systems we aim to provide you with an easy to use and fully traceable solution to monitoring the environment and steps within your procedures.

Quality Control

Do you have critical processing during manufacturing or production? Storage or transportation areas to maintain as specific parameters? Auditable checks to meet or maybe your ISO certified? Then our One Stop Shop is built for you, with easy to access instruments with a range of traceable or UKAS certificates what more could you need?

Health & Safety

From assessing workplace environments to checking critical food temperatures in catering we’ve got you covered. Our range of instruments allows easy conformance with health & safety regulations by supplying calibrated instruments capable of measuring almost any environmental factor.


Created in 1989, ATP was founded to source & supply temperature instrumentation designed to meet new food hygiene legislative requirements into the UK.

Since then the market has evolved. It has become saturated with products from all over the globe designed to meet new and existing regulations. Cheaper products have become more accessible but with an absence of support and auditable traceability. Higher end products provide exceptional traceability and service but at an ever increasing price.

ATP has evolved to sit neatly between these extremes. Supplying cost-effective solutions with easy to access traceability to the ever growing regulations to which more and more companies are expected to conform.

As an ATP customer you should expect to receive a wide selection of products, honest and impartial technical advice, fully customisable Traceable or UKAS calibration services, free calibration recall notices, and after-care including repair and advice.

Whether you need help selecting the right product for the job, help with a non-standard application, or quotations and quantity discounts, our team of dedicated staff are always on hand to offer help and advice whenever it is needed. So pick up the phone and give us a call!


Our goal is to be your one and only test and measurement equipment supplier providing solutions for all of your measurement needs. This includes,


To enable us to offer you our unique one-stop service, ATP has developed a network of calibration laboratories, including our own in-house facility, capable of offering you a variety of UKAS and traceable calibration options across a wide range of measurement equipment. All of our products list full details of all calibration services available. Take a full look at our instrument calibration services or read our helpful guide ‘What is calibration and why do I need it?’ to learn more about calibration.


ATP Instrumentation Ltd is a distributor of Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment (EEE) and is therefore obligated under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. We are fully compliant with all responsibilities as a registered member of UK government approved WEEE Compliance Scheme, Comply Direct. Our WEEE producer registration number is WEE/EB0115XU.